14 Family Movies that will Inspire Growth

Family movie night!
Summer is the time of year (winter break, too!) where my three older children (ages 5, 7 and 9) can stay up later with Mom and Dad and see a family movie!

Not only quality time together, but a chance to hopefully pour into our children with powerful personal growth messages that inspire and reinforce the values that are important to our family.

And I couldn’t agree more!  Who has heard of movies or TV shows in our current times that are ‘clean’ and ‘positive’ from start to finish?  Any such film is a rare find, right?

I have great news…

I recently parsed through the last three years worth of our family movie-watching archives via our Amazon Instant Video account and pulled the Top 14 flicks to get you started – plus 1 new release in our recommended watch list.

Before you get started, I highly recommend joining Amazon Prime if you are not yet a member, as Prime membership also gets you access to thousands of free movies that you can access on your TV via a streaming stick or media player.  I use Roku.

There is a link for a FREE, 30-day Trial to Amazon Prime at the end of this post (as well as the same affiliate link in this site’s footer below).  Another fantastic Amazon video benefit are the automatic recommendations that come through for you based on movies you have viewed.  Nobody’s recommendation engine can match Amazon – love AMAZON for on-going learning and knowledge….from books to movies!

Here is the list (and each rent or buy link):

  1. Facing the Giants  (edge-of-your-seat awesomeness!)
  2. Courageous  (must see for the fathers and husbands out there!)
  3. God’s not Dead
  4. The Ultimate Gift  (see #4 and #5 back-to-back or close together, as they connect to each other)
  5. The Ultimate Life
  6. Flywheel  (same film maker as #1 and #2 – if you’re in business, a must-see!)
  7. 1000 to 1:  The Cory Weissman Story
  8. Grace Unplugged  (my oldest daughter loved this movie – great for your girls!)
  9. Finding Faith
  10. Online  (watch this one with your spouse!)
  11. The Way Home
  12. The 5th Quarter
  13. Finding Normal
  14. Heart of Country

Plus 1, NEW RELEASE:  Waterwalk  (looks to be outstanding for father – son relationship!)

All you need now is the popcorn!

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