6 Words That Changed This Entrepreneur’s Life Forever

Entrepreneurs and founders of startup businesses are no stranger to obstacles.  They live with them.  They wrestle with them. Day in and day out.

As founders of startup businesses venture into unchartered waters, make decisions riddled with ambiguity and essentially build something from nothing, they are constantly in the mode of ‘finding a way to make it work.’  Right?

This week’s executive interview spotlights entrepreneur and start-up visionary Michael LeBrun.  Currently working on his most disruptive technology project yet, Michael has a passion for building businesses and most importantly, his family.

Little did Michael know, one year ago, he was getting ready to face the biggest obstacle of his life.  Six words changed everything for him and his family.

Find out what happened on a bleak day in May of 2014 and how it changed his life forever….

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Each week, we’ll be spotlighting a different leader from the community.  Included in this selective group are CEO’s, senior executives, business owners, educators, inventors and doctors.  In order to deliver you each interview in a downloadable format (that you can print, save or read off-line), it will only be accessible on our site.  

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