Honesty is Free To Grow [Week 1]

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

Welcome to Week 1 – as we open a deeper exploration into the 8 essential drivers of your growth engine.  If you haven’t, please make sure you subscribe so as not to miss any of the 8 installments – they are absolutely foundational to your growth in every direction.

When it comes to growth, there could not be a more perfect starting point than Honesty.

And it’s not what you think.  It’s much more. Honesty is a better word for accountability.  Yes, more old-fashioned, but I vote to bring it back in a big way.  When accountability is easy to skirt, honesty is not.  When accountability is only a buzz word tossed carelessly about in corporate management meetings, it’s honesty that stands solid as a rock.

Honesty is who you are and how you live your life.

Honesty is not only telling the truth, it’s seeking the truth.

There is nothing that will hamper your growth pursuit more than a lack of truth or a general resistance to seek out the truth.  Equally, there is nothing more freeing and liberating than a clean slate.  Imagine how much further and faster you could go if you didn’t have a trailer of heavy baggage to pull.

Thus, the story of Honesty:

Not afraid to ask the hard questions.  Honesty digs for the truth, accepts the truth, and lives by the truth no matter what.  Whether it’s faith, family or business, Honesty seeks to understand first.

Aware of their limitations.  Honesty is not only aware of their superpowers, but are also tuned-in to the areas where they fall short (we all do!), and is transparent with those surrounding them.

Willing to put others on stage.  Honesty does not need or seek the limelight.  You can find Honesty in the back of the room not only admiring the growth and potential of others, but making heroes of them.

Grateful.  God gets all the praise and thanks for the blessings, not Honesty.

Honesty, you are free to grow.

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Founder Todd Garreston

With over 15 years of experience leading market share growth initiatives of top consumer brands in Fortune 500 and privately-held business environments, Todd Garretson advises and helps organizations identify new growth potential, craft strategy that moves people to action and enhance overall performance.

Having a passion for helping people and organizations to unlock dormant growth potential, Todd writes and speaks for audiences in three core areas: business growth strategy, leadership and personal / professional growth.

Residing in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Lauri, and their four children, weekends and free time are spent with family, coaching youth sports, and sharing his passion for fitness and nutrition.