How This Leader Uses Goal Setting To Maximize Family Time

In 2015, we embarked on Project 24, a bold journey to capture a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of 24 busy professionals and how they balance the demands of family and career.

If you’re new here and you would like to catch up on Project 24, you can check out the introductory post here.  Also, be sure to peruse the first 12 executive interviews, two of which made our top 10 most read posts of 2015.

This past January marked our 2nd annual reader survey, where – two years in a row – the #1 identified opportunity for personal growth are the challenges faced in the tight-rope balancing act that is work and life.

A well-publicized study conducted by Ernst and Young surveyed 10,000 executives.  An astounding 41% of managers surveyed continue to see their overall hours worked increase over the past 5 years.  Further, the EY study highlights a strong connection between professional demands and increased divorce rates, decisions to have children or not, job change, or even, a return to school during evening hours.

There’s a ‘rush-to-the-scene-of-the-crime’ urgency to get our hands wrapped around the awesome challenge of balancing family and career – with too much at stake.  Thus, the reason behind Project 24.

This week we’re officially launching into the second half of Project 24 and have laid plans to bring 12 fresh executive interviews throughout the next several months as part of our regular stream of professional and personal growth content.

So, jump aboard as we dive into the second 12 executive interviews, starting with number 13!

Our 13th executive interview features the Director of Men’s Groups at Buckhead Church, Mark Shull.  Download the complete interview below and learn about Mark’s view on the top challenge we face in parenting today’s youth, as well as how he’s taking his parenting game to the next level.

Mark shares some tactical advice when it comes to priorities and the ‘transition’ time that he has between the office and home.  Being a very driven, achievement-oriented person, Mark establishes a few, simple goals to shift his focus towards family time.

Shull shares, “The key is to set a goal that honors and contributes to my obligations as a father and husband and to help me become fully present.”

To read more about Mark, his goal-setting strategy for maximizing family time, as well as his passion for coaching youth sports, check out the full interview below.

Click HERE to access the complete interview with Mark Shull.


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