It’s the Start that Stops Most People  [Week 8]

Three of my four children can swim on their own now without the life jackets, arm floats, or needing to hang on to me so tightly that their fingernails dig into my arm.
I remember how difficult it was at the start.

While I was waist height in the pool, they would tip toe to the edge of the patio and plead with me to come closer, almost as if when they finally did jump, they wanted me to catch them before they even hit the water.

Their fear of what might happen after the leap kept them firmly planted on the patio anxiously pacing back and forth.

Ultimately, my children put their trust and faith in me catching them.  After they proved to themselves that they could do it, their confidence grew, ultimately leading to a willingness to make more leaps.

When you step to the proverbial edge in your own life, how do you muster the confidence to make the jump?

Who or what do you put your faith in, especially when you can’t see the bottom?

We have been on a 60-day exploration of the 8 drivers of growth, culminating with this post.  Along some point on your own journey, every meaningful growth initiative will require a leap of faith – especially when it is something we have never done before.

While I am not suggesting you are careless in your assessment of risk with whatever your particular endeavor may be, I am suggesting that you reframe your view to focus on the act of leaping rather than what happens after the leap.  The act of leaping is where the growth happens, not in the outcome of the leap.  Aside from a simple lack of ambition, digging beneath the surface will reveal two common fears that stifle the jump: the fear of the failed attempt, and the fear of what others will think.

So, how is it possible to give up your desire to control the outcome and focus exclusively on the leap?

First, as hard as it might be, I want you to see your growth as a circle, not a straight line start with a finish line.  All growth is iterative, meaning….you start, you do, you learn, and you make adjustments – and you do it again.  There is no finish line to sustainable growth.  The one who works the circle of re-learning, re-invention, and re-commitment wins.  Consistently.

Reframe the LEAPS to be the Learning Experiences that Activate Progress in your life.

Second, this may be a perfect time as any to give up all control and turn over your growth wheel to Jesus Christ. See, God is not standing on the opposite side testing you with a challenging jump; He’s on the edge of the pool next to you reminding you that It Is Finished – regardless of what happens after you leap!

I can remember my daughter at the edge of the pool, hearing her whisper Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” over and over to herself…right before she made the jump.

He was standing right next to her.

The soft pillow of faith puts to rest the harsh illusion of fear.

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