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The Can Worth Opening  [Week 4]

A strongly hit ball was sent to Landon Garretson on 2nd Base.  He scooped it up, and noticed the 1st base runner was just about to pass him by.  He spun for the tag, and they ended up in a tangle of arms and legs falling to the ground.  When the dust settled, even though they were both shook up, Landon was laying on his belly, in the dirt, empty glove to the left, still clutching the ball in his right hand…and smiling!  It was amazing the effort it took to make the Out, and to hold onto that ball!  Landon received the Orange star for Leadership, for being a great example of courage and perseverance to his teammates.
You can imagine how proud I was, as Landon’s father, to see him not only experiencing success, but to be recognized for it.  As I read Landon the description of the play, I could see what was originally a lukewarm energy-level for this season quickly turning RED HOT.  His confidence level and desire to-get-out-and-play screamed off the charts.

Later that evening, we lifted our glasses of Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea [which the kids love! – no sugar!] over dinner to cheers Landon for his great effort in that day’s sporting event.  Cheers is often how we recognize, celebrate and encourage each other at home.

How do you set people on fire?

This week’s topic is Encouragement – as we are now halfway through our deeper exploration into the 8 essential drivers of your growth engine.

One of the truths of great organizations is that people grow before businesses, and people are the heartbeat of your culture. Building on-going encouragement into your culture is at the core of your entire people development effort.  Your culture is not only the special difference you bring to the world, but also happens to be how you will execute your growth strategy.  Simply, encouragement is shifting your culture into drive.

When you recognize  or encourage someone for a specific accomplishment, it serves as confirmation that they can.  I refer to this as “opening their can“.  Out of the can comes confidence. Confidence leads to a burning desire to go higher and further.  It’s a chain reaction.

Actually, there is one more link in that chain….

Something remarkable happens when you set someone on fire.  It spreads.

Landon’s little brother Lex can’t wait to get a bat in his hands.

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