The Gift At The Top Of Everyone’s List

Last week, Delta Airlines announced that they were banning it from their flights.  News stations across the US reported battery issues and the propensity for it to catch fire.  And, Amazon is now urging customers to dispose of it due to safety concerns.

So, what exactly is it?

Apparently, it’s the hottest and hardest-to-find gift for this holiday season – the hoverboard.

However, it’s not the gift at the top of everyone’s list.

And, it’s not the ‘white elephant’ exchange party at the office.  Or the end-of-year bonus.  Or next year’s pay raise.

None of that.

The gift at the top of everyone’s list is a vision.

What they really want is something to chase.  An aim.  Something to be.  A purpose and a why.  A meaningful quest.  And, to know exactly the special contribution they make to a special group of people seeking to make a special difference.

It’s that simple.  And, it costs nothing.

We are all born with a deeply wired DNA to create value for others in our lives, whether it be family, friends, co-workers or customers.  What this means is that we each know precisely the special gifts and strengths that are God-given and how they add value to a bigger purpose in our lives.

On a list of habits that drive happiness, expert neuroscientist Alex Korb cites how the act of having a long-term goal or aim can release dopamine in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter that helps us feel motivated and better about what we want to achieve.

Our definition of vision is answering the call to become something more.  To further, vision is the state of becoming.  The reason we say ‘becoming’ is that a vision does not exist unless it’s committed-to or acted-on in some fashion.  ‘Becoming’ transforms vision from being a statement to a verb.

So, how about what if.

What if you skipped the holiday lunch at the loud steakhouse and instead, pulled your team or group together in a quiet coffee shop and spend some deliberate time re-crafting vision and reminding them why they exist?  What if you drew them a specific picture of the big picture, along with what they’re becoming or are seeking to become?  Ask them if they’ll answer the call.

What if, you then spent one-on-one time with each member on your team helping them to craft a vision for their lives?  What if it was as simple as helping them see a future picture of what or who they might become?  Perhaps, helping them see clearer the special talents they possess and how they contribute to the big picture?  Ask them if they’ll answer the call.

Leaders, there’s no better way to spend your final days of 2015.  See, here’s the big aha – as a leader, you’re blessed with the gift of vision.  Isn’t now the perfect time of year to give it away?

It will be a holiday season they’ll never forget.


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