This Year's Top Three Strategic Challenges

This short (1:42) video clip, featuring Columbia Business Professor and author, Rita McGrath, outlines the top three strategic challenges for companies in 2014. 

The first two challenges she mentions point to the following:

1.  Companies are not confident in their talent.  Through research, many top executives cite they simply ‘don’t have the right OR enough leaders to lead the growth projects’.  

2.  Companies are worried about growth.  In particular, with respect to innovation – organizations don’t have the right processes in place to deliver a repeatable and steady stream of new products or services to the marketplace.  

Two of the top three challenges in 2014 center squarely on growth as a priority, straight from the C-suite.  There is no bigger challenge or need organizations have right now than how to create and deliver repeatable growth

It’s also why this blog exists, why CircleMakers™ exists, and ultimately, why I exist.  

For you.  For your growth.  For the growth of your business.
If you’re are a manufacturing business or retailer in the mid-market space, the above issues are even more relevant and timely.  Chances are, if you’re like most, you’re buried in today’s weeds, without the strategy or in-house talent to drive the innovation you need to deliver growth in the short and long-term.  If you fail to get on the right path now, you risk losing market share to up and coming, more nimble and technologically-advanced organizations. 

Here’s a to-do list:

1. )  Send me a message here and we can start with a conversation.  I could not be more convinced of this being a defining moment for you and your business.  You’ll either look back with a sigh of relief that you started, or look back in regret wishing you had. 

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Now is the time – it’s your move.  I invite you to hitch your wagon to CircleMakers™.  You’ll only look back to see how much you’ve grown.

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