What An Eagle Can Teach You About Building Your Business

Imagine standing on the roof of a 10 story building.  If you had the vision make-up of an eagle, you could see an ant crawling on the ground.   From it’s perch at the top of trees, or in flight, eagles can catch sight of a rabbit up to 2 miles away.

And, when the eagle is ready to dive after its prey, it will reach speeds of 125 – 200 mph while maintaining laser like control and accuracy of its talons to catch moving objects.  What’s more, eagles can rotate their heads 270 degrees to see prey or competitors (for the prey) in all directions.

Add to all of that a regular cruising flight at half the altitude of a 757 (15,000 feet) and it’s easy to see how the eagle is not only the most impressively gifted specimen on planet earth, but has become synonymous with great strength, vision and essentially, everything that is leadership.

Imagine a single organization or a person possessing an eagle-like arsenal of skills – vision, speed and execution – all at the same time.  Superman in the flesh, right?  A combination of those skills would be almost as rare and unstoppable as the eagle itself.

Since most of us don’t possess superpowers to effortlessly maneuver our organizations at jet-like speed, is there anything at all about the eagle that you and I, as leaders, can emulate?

There’s a bigger reason why the eagle is the ultimate symbol of leadership.  And, it has nothing to do with how far he sees, how high he soars, or how fast he dives from the sky.

The real reason the eagle has such great vision is that he spends more time with his head out of the nest than he does in it.  The real reason why he sees and soars so far is that he has the courage to ‘point his beak’ outward.

Not only it is the real reason eagles have such great vision, but it’s also the real world connection to your leadership potential in the marketplace.

Too many of us have our heads down running our organizations and we fail to stop, look up and see what’s going on around us.  It’s only when we get our heads out of the nest that we can begin building our organizations.

Read that paragraph one more time.

The discipline of outward curiosity is the path to unleashing new growth in your organization.  Let me emphasize – it’s not a path, it’s the path.

Watch the eagle.  He’s developed a habit of it.

So, the leadership lesson that matters most doesn’t require speeds of 200 mph or a binocular-like sight into the future, rather, it’s the simple discipline of lifting your head and ‘pointing your beak’ outward.

For it’s when you lift your head from the nest that you will find your vision.


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With over 15 years of experience leading market share growth initiatives of top consumer brands in Fortune 500 and privately-held business environments, Todd Garretson advises and helps organizations identify new growth potential, craft strategy that moves people to action and enhance overall performance.

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