What Are You Committed To?  [Week 5]

Chase one and only one, or they both get away.

Isn’t that how the ole Chinese proverb tells it?  The whole story about chasing too many rabbits is a great lesson; however, real focus runs much deeper than the priorities in the annual plan.

I love how Rick Warren, Founding Pastor at Saddleback Church once put it, “tell me what you are committed to, and I’ll tell you what you will be in twenty years.  We become whatever we are committed to.”

Real focus is a commitment with lasting endurance that never needs reminders, charts or on-screen notifications.  Rather, it’s burned in our hearts and bones from a deeply held belief that becomes who we are without thinking.  It lives inside of us, pulsing and coursing through our veins trying to break free – like a LION.

That’s where growth happens.  Magnifying glass-like, laser ripping, intense focus.  When channeled, it can cut a hole through steel.

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One of the best illustrations of focus that I’ve ever seen comes shining through in the movie, God’s Not Dead.  We saw the film as a family on Saturday – in fact, that’s a picture of my 4 children right before the start.

The movie centers on the character played by Shane Harper, who risks it all – relationships, his performance in other classes, future career and reputation – to disprove a philosophy professor’s assertion and demand that his entire class acknowledge that God is Dead.

If you haven’t seen it, you must – especially if you have children.  How refreshing to sit through a movie where you don’t feel like you need to cover your children’s ears and eyes during virtually every scene, but most importantly, praying that if your child’s beliefs were ever tested (and they will be) in a college philosophy course, that they would respond in the way that Shane Harper did in the movie.

The C.S. Lewis quote referenced, “only a real risk can test the reality of a belief”, is what drives Shane’s laser focus from start to end.  God’s not Dead is a high resolution example of how commitment to a belief drives focus.

You’ll know real focus when you see the movie.  It’s the kind of movie that will leave you asking yourself, what am I committed to?

In the spirit of the Newsboys challenge at the end of the movie, HELP share this post to influence as many people as possible to go see God’s not Dead, not only to get a close-up on real focus, but in the possibility that He might also live inside them and roar like a lion.

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