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What I Love Most About My Wife

I was inspired by Michael Hyatt’s post this morning, citing the Top 10 things he loves most about his spouse.  I hope this post serves as a chain reaction for more lists.After 10 years of marriage this past November, here are the top 10 things I love most about my wife, my best friend, and my partner for life, Lauri:
  1. She is the most incredible ‘encourager’ I have ever met in my life!  I love her special cards and timely notes that seem to put a smile on every face in our family.
  2. I love the Mom that Lauri is to our children.  She is an amazing nurturer and is constantly challenging herself to give our 4 children (under the age of 8) more of her T I M E.
  3. I admire her strong faith and the priority position that God has in her life.  She inspires me with the verses she hands to our kids at just the right time, her quiet hour and prayer journaling every night.
  4. She is remarkably unselfish – Lauri shines the spotlight on everyone around her and never misses a chance to remind those important to her what she loves most about them.
  5. She wrote the book on ‘continuous improvement’. Whether it be her bible study groups, attending conferences, endless devotions, and reading books, she is ever-expanding herself.
  6. I love her relentless attention-to-detail.  In our 10 years together, she continues to amaze me with her uncanny ability to juggle it all!
  7. She is humble and honest.  It’s from her pure and determined spirit that we continue to grow as a family.
  8. I revel in her stunning beauty, warm smile, and contagious laugh.  I am blessed beyond measure to call her my wife.
  9. She is a spectacular communicator who takes care of her husband’s and children’s hearts, emotions, fears and triumphs.  In her eyes, we cannot fail.
  10. She build memories.  I love how she packages each family trip, experience, or life to be remembered just as it should be – as a gift from God.

I could not be more grateful.  Period.

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