Wings  [Week 7]

Sometimes, we are like little ducks waddling back and forth, aimlessly trying to change our life circumstances.
Only later do we look back after endless months of prayer and conversation with God to realize that those circumstances were designed to change us.Are you open to change?  As opposed to just getting through it, are you willing to grow through it?

There is no question, as I land on Week 7 of our kick-off series outlining 8 drivers of growth, that prayer is not only the most underutilized tool for growth, but also the most powerful.  I can only tell you my story and the life changing impact prayer has had for me, not only through transition, but in my never-ending pursuit to be the very best husband to Lauri and father to my four children.

Praying circles for and with my family was never given a second thought; however, never before did I pray circles around my biggest dreams and greatest fears [in my profession!]…until I read Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker.  So I prayed circles around how God would use me in this next chapter, aligning my gifts towards helping and serving others.

And boy did God ever show up!

In just the last few months, from being blessed with an adopted, healthy newborn to launching a new business, you can only begin to imagine how His love has poured over our family.  Not to mention, incredible clarity and focus on our purpose as a family and how my business might impact others.

Not only will I never stop taking my boldest dreams and ambitions to God through endless prayer circles, but I am now praying circles around my clients and their business.

God showed me something I never knew I had before.


You may not know it yet, but you have them too.

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Founder Todd Garreston

With over 15 years of experience leading market share growth initiatives of top consumer brands in Fortune 500 and privately-held business environments, Todd Garretson advises and helps organizations identify new growth potential, craft strategy that moves people to action and enhance overall performance.

Having a passion for helping people and organizations to unlock dormant growth potential, Todd writes and speaks for audiences in three core areas: business growth strategy, leadership and personal / professional growth.

Residing in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Lauri, and their four children, weekends and free time are spent with family, coaching youth sports, and sharing his passion for fitness and nutrition.